Friday, September 28, 2012

Want to Join a Think Tank? Practice By Solving The Most Pressing Problem in Your Community First

There are a lot of people out there who would like to spend their life solving problems. Perhaps they've been in management, small business, or working as a bureaucrat. In fact they have so much practice solving problems, they have become down right good at it. These same people often contact me to join our think tank. Indeed, I always ask them what their experience level is, as it is my contention that if you want to solve problems of some of the most pressing issues of mankind, sometimes you have to do what that famous quote tells us;
"Think Globally, Act Locally!"
In other words, if you want to solve the problem of food scarcity, starvation, and many other similar challenges around the world, then perhaps you should set up a food bank in your local city, volunteer to feed the homeless, or volunteer for a "Meals on Wheels program" and go out and deliver food to people that don't have any means of support for themselves. In doing that you will actually help real people that you can see, talk with, and learn to understand.
With that new knowledge, you can better see what needs to be done in some of the challenges. You see outward, and in the bigger picture the problem is still the same; logistics, transportation, funding, and getting people to help themselves. There is also still going to be that issue of; "teach a man to fish, and giving him a fish every day," it's almost as if it's universal, at least that's what I've noticed with regards to starvation and food supply. Why not develop a plan for your local community, or try to fill in the gap were other nonprofits are not getting it done.
No one should starve in the United States with all of our great abundance, some people are not getting food stamps, but they're afraid to ask, some are too proud. Some people don't even have a mailing address to get the food stamp credit card in the first place. Can you see that point? Are people slipping through the cracks in your city? You might think they aren't, but how would you know it if you don't investigate to find out. If there are these problems locally, they need you to fix the problem, the one that others can't see.

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