Friday, September 28, 2012

If 40 Million People Are On Food Stamps, Why Supply Free School Lunches Too?

Were you shocked when you heard in the recent national news that over 40 million people in the United States are on food stamps? No wonder everyone is so fat, we are force-feeding them, and giving them coupons to use for free food. What's worse is everyone else has to buy their food with their own hard-earned money while subsidizing everyone else who doesn't have to pay. Over the years, I've done an informal survey of those using food stamps while in line at the local grocery store, and I have been amazed to find out the types of items the food-stamp recipients are purchasing.
Why should my tax dollars go to pay for soda pop and chips, and other items such as cookies, cake, donuts, and what have you that make people fat? And when they get diabetes, assuming they are poor, why is my tax dollar funding their healthcare as well? And it has also been determined that there is a 35% fraud factor rate in the dishing out of food stamps. That means quite a few people who are getting food stamps, don't deserve them, don't actually qualify, and we are all subsidizing and paying for this with our tax dollars anyway.
Now then, I would like to bring something else up and to your attention. The reason being is because lately we've been talking about the federal deficit spending, the debt limit, and all the other challenges in our society with regards to the federal budget.
There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal on July 26, 2011 titled "Summer Cuts Launch Lunch Scramble," by Vauhini Vara which discussed the $10.8 billion a year National School Lunch Program (2010 cost). These programs are geared towards low-income families and provide healthy meals, balanced based on the food chart. Many schools offer the meals even when school is not in session, in the summer time, where anyone can show up to eat, which promotes summer school too.
This is a great program, and it's nice to have food lines for kids to get them used to the future of what the socialists will bring us if they continue spending on all these social programs. They will bankrupt our treasury, and no one will be able to buy food, but the kids will be trained to have waited in lines for food, and they will be ready to wait in line for bread. Yes I'm talking about bread lines, which is exactly what happens when socialist try to control the flow of labor, production, money, and capital.
Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and vote against any food subsidies for any American that won't get off their butt and go to work. And I hope that you will vote all of the socialists out of office, so we can get some employment back in this nation and get back to what we do best and that is; freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and free markets. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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