Friday, September 28, 2012

Picture Stamps

Picture Stamps, stamp collecting is something that I have dabbled in for the better part of 15 years. Stamps tell a story of all the countries of the world. They represent cultures both past and present and share various animals, artwork, and influential people from their respective countries. Presidents, leaders, to average everyday laymen.
My collection of picture stamps vary and the stamps that intrigue me the most are the foreign stamps. My collection has a very large amount of Chinese stamps, as well as India and Romania. China has always been a country of much culture and intrigue. The Chinese people are fascinating and many of the warriors of old as well as incredible animals are the subjects of their pictured stamps.
Stamps that are used usually are a challenge for any seasoned stamp collector, a good source of international stamps are universities and graduate programs here in the United States. Large amounts of applicants from all of the above mentioned countries apply for residency programs here in the United States and all of them mail their respective applications in. Chinese stamps also have a history of beautiful scenarios and backgrounds. One of the most expensive Chinese stamps of late with a high sale value is the Monkey stamp. This particular stamp sells in the neighborhood of about $280.00 for a fine stamp. Others in better condition command more.
American stamps are famous the world over and collectors buy the sheets and put them away, and like any other collectible the scarcer the stamp the more they are worth. I collect stamps for their beauty and speaking of beauty, who can forget the Marilyn Monroe 1995 Hollywood series.

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