Friday, September 28, 2012

US Postage Rates Are Anyone's Guess

US postage rates have fluctuated so much in the past 10 years that it is a challenge just to keep your postage stamps current! At one point, the US postal service even issued a postage stamp that bore only a symbol in lieu of a monetary amount because rates were changing so quickly. With all of this change, how can you possibly stay abreast of the proper amount to affix to your envelope? Three tips can keep you perpetually knowledgeable about the proper postage rates for your mail. First, use the internet to check postage rates on a regular basis. Second, be mindful of the specific weight of each envelope or package you are sending, as this effects the necessary amount of postage. Third and last, if you are ever in doubt about the proper postage rates for any given package or letter, simply take it down to your local post office and let them do the work for you.
Let the Internet do its Job
The World Wide Web exists - among other things - in order to help connect you to information. Next time you have a question about which stamp to put on your envelope, take the simplest and most direct route to your answer. In a few quick clicks, you can connect via the internet to the US postal service. Here you will find all the current information available on US postage rates. Usually, you will need to provide simple information such as the weight of your parcel and the zip code of both the package's origin and destination. Once you provide the relevant information, the site will very quickly provide you with a postage rate estimate for your package.
Rates Vary
It is obviously more expensive to send an encyclopedia than it is to send a postcard. Therefore, it is imperative to know both the dimension and weight of the parcels you are sending in order to acquire the proper US postage rates for sending them. Following this simple tip can actually save you a great deal of money because people often over-pay to send their packages. Many are fearful that if they affix too little postage, the package will not make it all the way to its desired destination.
The Post Office Exists for a Reason
While the convenience and ease of internet rate discovery is wonderful, sometimes you just plain need a little bit of customer service. There are usually several post office locations near you. The benefit of driving to one of these locations is simple; they get it right every time. Customer service representatives are able to weigh your package while you watch, make sure that it is in proper condition to travel and provide you with several shipping options right there on the spot. In addition, several services are available to only in-store customers and most locations have packing materials available to their customers for purchase, just in case you need them. US postage rates are, after all, the post office's specialty.

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