Friday, September 28, 2012

How Do I Get Food Stamps and Free Food?

Not long ago, I was showing my disdain for the "free food program" which we call food stamps in the US. I was at Starbucks and a conservative gentleman and his wife cut me short, he said to me; "hey, wait a minute, my daughter is going to college and she applied for food stamps and got it, and it really helps." Oh, now that's just great, this fellow lives in a gated beautiful golf course community, his daughter goes to an Ivy League school, and he believes it's okay to take advantage of the food stamp program because he is paying in lots of taxes but taking no services.
Yes, that is about right, but he explained it to me like this; "45 million Americans are on food stamps, and the Democrats call it one of the best and most successful government programs around, all those people are getting free food and I am paying for it, why shouldn't I get some benefits here too, as long as they are wasting my money, why not waste some on my own daughter." Okay, yes, I get that, and understand his attitude sure enough.
It turns out that the government says that: "Anyone can apply for food stamps. To get food stamps, you and the other people in your household must meet certain conditions. Everyone who is applying in your household must have or apply for a Social Security number and be either a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or have status as a qualified alien," according to the social security office website.
Wow, that surely sounds like one of those Lesko books for instance; "Free Money for Everyone," by Mary Ann Martello Matthew Lesko, or one of his late-night television infomercials. Indeed, I don't know about you but, it seems to me that I am still waiting for my "Stimulus" that Obama promised! Ha ha ha.
If you are looking for food stamps you can go to Haiti, just kidding, you can go to SAA (dot) gov website and fill out the form online, it's that easy, which is probably why so many people who don't need it are signing up for it. Amazing, how pathetic we've become as Americans, no one seems to want to work or produce, everyone wants a free ride, so now 45 million Americans are on food stamps and they must think socialism just grand indeed, yep, until they run out of other people's money to spend, which judging by Obama's latest budget it's already happened.
If you sign up for food stamps and you don't need them, then any economic challenges we face in the future are partly your fault, and might I suggest you'll deserve it? Please consider all this and think on it.

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