Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Navy Seal Challenge Coins - An Honor to Receive

For those who serve their country, a navy seal challenge coin is a prized possession. The meaning that the coins stand for is clear to those who are a part of the Navy and every other branch of the military. There are millions of challenge coins today and many are used to show the pride and respect that is a part of what they represent.

Challenge Coins are Often Given as a Thank You for a Job Well Done
Navy Seal challenge coins are given to Navy Seals typically by a commanding officer as a sign of the special services they provide to those who serve with them as well as their country. The coins can be a variety of metals, with different logos and designs. The Navy Seal coin usually has a design of a Navy ship, sometimes the ones that have been retired.
The recipient of the coin is often someone who has shown extreme valor for a particular event that occurred. Some are given to the members of a certain unit as a commemorative coin showing their unit number which has been stamped into the coin.

Some Coins are Extremely Rare
A major economic crunch was felt the world over after World War II and the halt of many coins was the result of the strained economy. The coins that were made during this time were made from a cheaper metal and were often used as money. The ones that had been made earlier and had not been circulated began to gain value and the Navy seal commemorative coin as well as coins from other branches were prized by collectors.

If someone you know, such as your grandfather, had one of the Navy Seal challenge coins from a time when they served in the Navy, the coin will be highly valued by collectors. Since many people collect the challenge coins, when one is made that has a specific historical meaning, this coin will be one that is often sought by the collector and will command quite a high price.

There are no words to explain what significance a Navy Seal Challenge coin can mean to a member of this elite group. The camaraderie and sense of belonging that becomes part of carrying this coin is a bond between the men in a certain regiment. They often are even more special during times of war when the men are in a foreign country and far away from home.

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  1. This is great information. My son has been collecting challenge coins for a few years now. I had no idea that some of them could be so valuable.