Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shop Online With EBT, SNAP Or Food Stamps

Many families are enjoying the ease and convenience of online grocery shopping. Until now, this privilege was reserved for those in higher income brackets, with more money than time. One company is changing that, and making this option available for those in middle or lower income brackets - those who may be using public assistance, or food stamps to do their grocery shopping. The process is the same as if you were paying with a Credit Card.  
You log on, start a customer account, browse the extensive selection of quality, name brand food items, choose your items in the sizes and quantities you prefer, and then proceed to the checkout screen. Once at the checkout screen, you enter the number on your EBT,SNAP, or food stamp card, and another credit or debit card to pay for the shipping charges.  
It's just that easy.
Granted, shipping charges are usually around 40% of the total grocery bill, but if that seems like too much to pay, you can utilize the marketing plan of the company. And refer your friends to sign up as well. When they have spent $200 dollars, they become "active", which means they are qualified as independent representatives. If you sign up 6 new customers or representatives, the company will ship your groceries to you for free, and give you a $300 dollar commission for doing so.
Free shipping, plus a commission on their grocery purchase, plus a commission, or referral income for signing up 6 people. You could use the commissions to pay for your groceries, and then the groceries AND the shipping would be free.  How cool is that? Or, if you prefer, you can exchange the $200 in groceries that the company awards you with for signing up 6 people,  and get a $200 Walmart gift card. 

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