Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Buy Stamps Online

Did you know that you can buy stamps online via the Internet and print them directly to your printer? No more trips to the post office. No more standing in long lines to buy a book of stamps. No more carrying change with you to the stamp vending machine. Did you know that not only can you buy regular fist class mail stamps online, but that you can also buy priority mail and even express mail stamps online? Yes, from the comfort of your own home or from your office, you can go online and select the type of postage you want, and your stamps can be printed out directly to your printer within seconds!
All you need is access to the Internet, some adhesive paper on which to print postage, a stationary weighing scale, and a printer. You simply log onto the Internet and prepay a set amount for stamps that will be deducted from as you purchase them. What about special-sized envelopes? You can also request your local post office to have any quantity priority and express mail envelopes delivered to you for free. What about delivery confirmation and tracking numbers? These can be issued online too, at the time of printing.
What about trips to the post office? You don't ever have to go to the post office. You can always drop outgoing mail in your own mailbox. But if you have an oversized package that doesn't fit in your mailbox, you can contact the post office and request them to come and pick up your packages from you directly any day of the week. Because you can buy stamps online, you can ship anything without ever having to leave your home or your office.

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