Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Facts About the Portuguese Language

In Porto, Lisbon and Algarve, English is spoken quite widely. However, learning a few words in Portuguese would increase visits to Portugal. It is the official language of eight countries and one of the most modern language spoken after English. Also called "Language Camões," Portuguese is a Romance language like French, Catalan, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and Galician. Portuguese is spoken by over 230 million people in Brazil, Portugal, Sao Tome, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and other countries. It is the third most European languages ​​spoken and eighth most spoken language on the planet. Because there are some similarities between Portuguese and Spanish, many people believe that the Portuguese is a dialect of Spanish.

If you want a decent return on investment, is the best language to learn portuguese. Tens of thousands of people visit Portugal every year. The country's economy continues to rise. Bright economic prospects. Diversified industries, from textiles and electronics for cement, cars, and meals. If you want to build a career in this country, learning Portuguese is a must. If you speak French, Spanish, or Italian, you'll find half the work is already done. Portuguese is easy to learn for English speakers. Once you can understand more than 80 percent of what was said by knowing approximately 20 percent of the language. You can learn hundreds of words without effort because you do not need a new alphabet or a new grammar. If you've heard a few friendly conversations in Portuguese, you've heard them all. More people speak Portuguese from Germany, France, Japan, or Italy. You might want to know that a lot of Asian countries and Africa have Portuguese as their official language.