Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can You Buy Postage Stamps Online? How to Purchase Stamps Without Going to the Post Office

Do you know that you can now buy postage stamps online?
This should not come as a surprise since nowadays it is very possible to buy just about anything through the Internet. Mailing stickers isn't an exemption at all. They can be bought directly from the postal service's website or from an authorized vendor.
How can you buy stamps online?
1.    Log in to the national postal service website and place an order. Here you will need to select how many stamps you wish to purchase and make your payment either through debit or credit card. You have to make sure that the payment connection is secure. Your order will be delivered via letter carrier and delivery timeframe depends on the postal service.
2.    Buy from authorized vendors. In nations like the United States, the national postal service outsources buying mailing stickers. To know which vendors are authorized to sell these, go to the postal service site and look up the contact details of these merchants. When dealing with vendors, you will most likely be asked to register for an account and maintain it with a monthly service fee. Vendors may not mail your purchase to you instead, you can print them on special sheets or directly onto the envelope with the recipients mailing address and yours (sender's).
You can also buy postage stamps for parcels online. Postal service sites and vendors can calculate the necessary postage to send a parcel of a certain weight and destination. One benefit of this is that you no longer need to go to the post office and stand in line to have a package delivered. You can simply purchase what you need through the Internet and drop your parcel into the nearest mailbox.

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  1. Our company does this all the time. We got tired of our old postage meter so we now use an internet postage meter to send all of our packages. It has proven to be so much easier than the traditional route.