Monday, October 8, 2012

The Joy of Stamp Collecting

Collecting is a hobby that is as old as time itself. Since the first human was attracted to an object the art of collecting began, and the types of collections are as varied as the population of the world itself. However, one of the most unique collections for hobbyists would be that of stamp collecting.
Stamp collecting has been a hobby that has been in existence since stamps came into existence. Part of the intrigue with stamp collecting is the idea of owning a small piece of artwork, which is in essence what stamps are. The fact is that if you look at some of the more antique stamp designs you might be surprised to discover just how many were inspired by famous artwork, not to mention, how many might have actually been designed by famous artists.

Seeing the trends of artwork in some of the first stamps can hold many surprising revelations into the world during that particular time frame. Another reason why stamp collecting has become so popular, especially in the last couple of decades tends to have more of a basis in the interest many people have when it comes to history. During the last 20 years or so, stamps have been released that feature some of the most famous icons in the last century.

The people who helped to shape the various aspects of the world in areas such as music, art, history, sports and other forms of various Medias of our society have been featured in many of the stamps issued; this was meant to commemorate their accomplishments. Many people love stamp collecting because they feel it bridges the past to the present and gives them a feel for the various points in history, while others enjoy the challenge of acquiring hard to find stamps.

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