Friday, October 19, 2012

Discover Topical Stamp Collecting - Photography on Stamps

As a member in good standing with the American Topical Association (ATA), it is always with joy that I receive the association's bi-monthly magazine, Topical Time, which is jam-packed with great topical stamp collecting articles written by the members along side with regular features such as, (to name just these few):

- Award Winners
- Checklists Updated
- Cinderella Corner
- Index to Advertisers
- Jack's Journal
- Postal Stationery
- Show Calendar
- Topical Meter Stamps
- Topical Postline
- Topics on Postmarks
- Units in Action
- Youth in Topics

A paid Membership Directory is also available which contains a listing of all the topics collected by their members.
Do you know how many topical subjects are indexed in the general listing?
No less than six hundred and seventy (670) different subjects; from abacus to zoology!
Furthermore, inside the "Famous People" category, sixty-five (65) known personalities from Hans Christian Andersen via Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley up to George Washington, are listed as active topics.
Since I recently got myself into digital photography, I scanned the listing to see if my passion was listed. Yep! Photography on stamps, is listed under topical code 617 and, cameras on stamps, under topical code 618.

This means other stamp collectors as well are interested in this topic with so many areas of interest:

- photography pioneers (Lieven Gevaert, Niepce, Daguerre....)
- worldwide photographers
- old and modern type of cameras
- scientific photo techniques
- great and famous photographs
- wildlife photography of the year contest winners

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