Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why Custom Stamps Are Important

The Custom Authorities do use a number of custom stamps and are great customers for the Rubber Stamp manufacturers but the words custom stamps mean that the rubber stamps they buy and use have been made according to their own design.

But not only the customs people do that. In the modern world using modern technology it is possible to produce rubber stamp products with almost no limit to the design for text and logos a customer would like to order. Hence the words "custom stamps". With modern laser technology it makes it possible to even transfer a picture of a person in so great a detail from a small piece of rubber used as a text plate in a rubber stamp that the person is easy to recognise when stamped on a piece of paper.
The technology available today to produce text plates for rubber stamp products and all the different varieties of self-inking stamps now available has helped to increase the demand for custom stamps in an otherwise world wide declining market.

Even though computers can generate a lot of paper they have succeeded in reducing a huge number of different types of documents that were used in companies as a way for information to flow inside the organisation. The need for generic rubber stamps such as "DELIVERY RECEIVED" or "PAID WITH THANKS" has thereby been reduced, since most of these documents would have needed some kind of a rubber stamp impression. It would be natural to assume that the market for rubber stamps generally has slumped to an all time low.

As an example of what has been happening - not too long ago a delivery note would have been stamped and signed when goods arrived at a company warehouse gate and the delivery note would be circulated inside the organisation to be stamped many times before it ended up being filed. Now it is all in cyberspace. When the goods arrive at the gate the staff will look up the order on a monitor and sign it as received on line and immediately the information that the goods have arrived is available for everyone who needs to know this. No rubber stamps are needed to stamp any documents.
However, because technology has evolved to the stage where the quality of the print is far superior to anything that could be produced prior to computers taking over the information flows, different uses are now being found which require far more customisation than before. For example, if a franchise business provides custom stamps to all of its franchise operators, the same brochures and information sheets can be distributed to everyone in a large print run and the specific details of the local franchise address and contact details can be stamped onto them as and when they are needed. This cuts down wastage and keeps costs to a minimum.


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