Thursday, October 25, 2012

From Tragedy to Triumph

There is nothing in life that is too large to overcome. There are no challenges that you can't face successfully. The things we experience in life do not define us. The decisions we make are what design our life.

What is your biggest fear? When you face that, all of the smaller obstacles fall to the way side. When we experience something catastrophic, something so challenging that we initially feel like we can't get through it, this is when we are faced with an area where we can grow.
When we are presented with difficult events in our life, it comes down to what we do with the experience. Will you live in the tragedy or will you triumph?

Triumph over a difficult situation allows for growth. True joy in life comes from growth. To feel alive we need meaning in our lives. Often times these extreme situations (which we all experience in one way or another) are blessings in disguise.
I have seen it time and time again, those that are successful first hit rock bottom. When you are at the bottom you find that driving force to propel you upwards at an extreme level. Its a feeling of need, it 'must' happen, so you create the way.

There is an internet marketer that went from living on food stamps to 3 months later making $20,000 a month. How does this happen? She found belief that it was possible by seeing someone she related to achieve this. Her belief level was raised, she became certain in the ability to achieve. Then she took the action with a burning desire to make it a reality. She triumphed over tragedy and grew. Now she continues to grow and produce extraordinary results over and over again. She just needed that initial proof that it was possible. In that moment she changed forever.
Once it becomes real and you have that break through, you become limitless. The bar becomes officially raised and you can soar.
Whatever negative emotions you are experiencing find that opposite emotion and fuel the feeling of that emotion. Tap your potential by drowning out the negative energy in your life with positive energy.

In order to really thrive we need 4 areas of life to flourish: personal development, career, adventure/fun, contribution.
Challenge yourself, set career goals, explore what the world has to offer and always find a way to give back. Everything is energy. If you aren't giving you aren't keeping the flow of the Universe working properly in your life.

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