Monday, October 15, 2012

Short Story - A US President Fails to Disclose Use of Bi-Polar Disorder And ADHD Prescriptions

The US was at war as we had just been cyber attacked, everything was down and the elections were postponed. Yes, it was a contentious election over economic issues, civil rights, foreign aid, and a myriad of other single issue debates to harness the votes with each candidate putting forth attack ads in the media like there was no tomorrow. And for the media and the Internet, there actually wasn't a tomorrow, but no one quite knew that yet until everything went dark. Still, until then they were busy attacking each other for not releasing their medical records, tax returns, college transcripts, and would you believe it even their birth certificates.

Some folks on the radio and TV joked that perhaps they should also release their underwear size, and get fully measured for their breast size and male reproductive part. Yes, this was an election against a man from one party, and a woman from the other. Although the Independent party candidates didn't stand a chance, the election was going to be close enough so it would matter how many votes they pulled away from either side. Since one of the candidates was older than the other, they demanded in absolute terms that the medical records be shown, all the while concealing there's.
It turned out that the HIPPA Laws protected people from anyone disclosing their medical records, and yet we expected our future president to reveal there's. The reality was they couldn't have told us anything because all of those HIPPA records had been hacked, and they were now available on Wiki Leaks - so much for US Cyber Security initiatives. Except for the younger presidential candidate, their records were available. They hadn't told anyone that they had been taking psychological drugs throughout high school and college due to their bipolar disorder, and challenges with ADHD.

In college, they had even been diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. Well, when one of the psychologists came forward who had retired long ago with this information the media lambasted him, called him a liar, and refused to report on the story, a story which turned out to be true and was actually verified by the candidate's grandmother, who herself was under special care and losing her marbles. Now there was nothing to confirm or deny these rumors, except for paper records still in an old-school filing cabinet, they were immediately ordered sealed by the courts, and only a few knew the truth.

Of course, now that the Internet was turned back on everyone was e-mailing back and forth and it had become an almost epidemic scandal. Then there was the war attack orders, the then current president with the sealed records was diverting everyone's attention to the counterstrike from the cyber Pearl Harbor attack on our nation. In the next chapter, we will discuss the outcome of the election and how the president with a different psychological disorder convinced the American people that he was still fit to lead even with these new realities coming to the surface. Please consider all this and think about it.

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