Thursday, October 2, 2014

Austin Real Estate Market Steady

According to different Austin real estate agents, bad economic news from other parts of the country causing prospective buyers to delay as they wait and see what the economy might be. Some of them may expect that prices will fall even more before they buy, despite strong prospects to buy now. The current mortgage rates are the lowest they have been in 35 years. Last time prices were this low was during a buyer's market in 1973 The experts also expect an increase in employment and low unemployment rate to continue over the next ten years. Austin local news and the Texas Hill Country will continue to be one of the fastest growing areas of the nation and is expected to enjoy a healthy economy as well.

The Texas Real Estate Market Report showed that the Austin / Round Rock led the state in population growth between 1997 and 2007 Regional consistently ranked in the national top 10 list for growth. For example, from July 1, 2006 until July 1, 2007, Austin metropolitan area 5 is the fastest growing in the United States, according to Census Bureau population estimates. One thing seems certain; Austin real estate market remains one of the surest and safest in one metropolitan area in the country. That coupled with the nationally recognized quality of life that the city offers to make Austin one of the "hottest" urban areas in this country.

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